Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What would you do.........?

What would you do if you saw someone blatantly copying your work?
I was faced with this very dilemma today. I browsing in a vintage clothing shop (no names, but lets just say it was in Nicholson St. next to a lane way), when I noticed the woman behind the counter making a buttony necklace. Then I noticed one of my original lino necklaces laid out in front of her as she was putting together an identical piece.This must go on all the time , but to catch someone copying your work to sell in their shop was a bit of a surprise to say the least. I said something of course, but I can't be sure if she took much notice. If this has happened to anyone else I'd love some advice.( Sorry if I sound a bit cross!)
One big consolation is all the lovely people who stock my work are so loyal and supportive.
Like Sam at April May. She is opening the doors to her studio again this week for another "All in a Months Work " sale. From Friday 4th April till Sunday 6th at 107 Scotchmer St. Nth Fitzroy. Check her blog for opening times and participating designers. This tropical parrot brooch will be for sale. He comes pinned on this vintage "Sunny Queensland" swap card to hopefully brighten up someones day!


  1. I am so glad you said something! That is ridiculous, but if anyone knows your work, it's SO distinctive and utterly unique, that a fake (and FRAUD) is so obvious. The piece in the photo, the scotty is inferior and without the charm that makes a Betty Jo piece.

    I have been in absolutely the same boat and without starting legal proceedings there isn't much you can do. I don't have the time or energy to be upset about it, so as long as I am LEADING and not FOLLOWING, you have to kind of just let it go.... but seeing it certainly turns your blood cold and makes you sick in the stomach!

    Much love liz!

  2. Oh thats awful - seems to be a plague of it going on at the moment. I would like to think that I would be strong and assertive and articulate and explain why they simply cannot do that , But i'd probably wimp out and go home full of outrage and maybe have a little frustrated cry.
    Good on you for saying something. Perhaps your pieces need a little Lino Forest signature on the back so people can see it is the genuine article.

  3. I'm so glad you said something. Even if she doesn't take much notice of you, we can spread the word. I'll be telling everyone I know!

  4. Oh boy, that would make me come over all shaky and nervous! Good on you for saying something. 'Inspiration' is an awfully fine line, isn't it? I often worry that somehing I've made might be an unconsious rip off of something I've seen somewhere before. But gee, I couldn't even contemplate doing it on purpose and certainly never with somone else's work right in front of me!! What a cheeky minx!

  5. I can't believe how much of this is going on at the moment. I just finished reading a post from Nest Studio (which sounds really awful) after being directed there from Leah's (Hyena in Petticoats) blog. I think Jodi's idea of some sort of signature or stamp on the back could be a good thing - but it's not going to stop it happening is it....glad you said something though!

  6. I would be way too embarrassed to blatantly copy someone and then try to pass it off as my own creation. Obviously these people have no conscience. The problem is that the consumer has no idea what is going on and will buy the copies anyway.

  7. I think Ali J might have written about people copying her work on her blog:


    i don't have time at the moment to find the link, but I try and remember for later.

    Its a shame that people are so rude and don't consider how much thought, time and effort you put into your creations. Maybe you should put a list of official Betty Jo Stockists on your blog, and if this happens again start a list of shops which sell fake betty jo's. it's not nice to name shops but if they are going to do something like that then you have a right to protect your business.

  8. Wise and compassionate words everybody.I still feel a bit icky about it, but today my head is swirling with ideas-new ones, so things like that just keep you going forward.xxx Liz

  9. I can't believe someone would rip off designs that are so unique... even if they don't have a conscience, surely they must know you'll eventually find out! To see the process happening right in front of you must have been horrible... Even if there was little visible reaction, I'm sure their heart must have skipped a beat when you said something - hopefully they'll think about it some more & reconsider what they're doing.

  10. That is just infuriating! I've just been reading about the toy copyright issue on Wee Wonderfuls. I don't know why people aren't confident enough to come up with their own ideas...

    Keep your chin up - you know your true fans will support you!

  11. oh I know that place, never giving my custom there again. I believe in being inspired by others work, but hell man don't copy it, take elements you like and channel them in a different way. I feel for you. & when I buy a piece of yours again I'm going to double check it for authenticity! I'm really fired up now, I need a cup of tea to settle me.

  12. I know the place you are talking about too. I don't think you are the first person she has copied. A friend of mine bought a bag there once and when she showed it to me it was an exact copy of bags I had seen elsewhere. The woman told her they were her own designs.

    It must have been so horrible to come across that. Everyone who makes their own crafts and designs knows the boundaries between taking inspiration from people and plain old copying. I won't be shopping there again either.


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