Tuesday, January 20, 2009

But I like it!

I made this "May I Take Your Coat" pendant yesterday for an order for FORM. But I like it.
I don't ever manage to make two exactly the same of any of my pieces and I don't actually want to.
So this one may not be going to Perth today........but in reality I can't afford to be dithering around, as March will be here all to soon.


  1. I'm totally inspired by your attitude to making. There's a lot of pressure as a creative entrepreneur to think about how to work in a production line kind of way. It's really refreshing to hear someone say that they consciously don't work that way. Thanks.

  2. Thank YOU Tinnie Girl! Now back to the Non-Production line.

  3. i like it too!but l loveeeeeeeeeee my bag brooch.Thanks my dear and cant wait to see you in March {6 weeks ahhhhhhhhhhhhh}

  4. Keep it for yourself Liz!!
    So great to have met up with you the other day :)
    I saw loads of your little beauties aroound town, they all looked delicious. And have you already seen the Rosalie exhibition?-her lino works were so amazing - I thought of you straight away.


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