Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Every little bit.......

This month is going to be busy and bustling and full of many different emotions.
Yesterday I began the custom made Cuckoo clock for the Clock appeal. It will be travelling up to Ballina for an ex-Melbourne girls Mum. Here's the WIP. Note the little Scotties along the base ( this was a request) I unconsciously used predomitely brown and green lino and buttons and now see how it evokes the tones of the Australian bush.
I always work listening to ABC radio , so I was hearing continuing Bushfire reports all day, some stories bringing a tear, but most spurring you to on to help in what ever way you can.
And a second clock was SOLD Yay! so we'll be making another donation to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Thanks to Leah for offering to adopt Tock the Aqua Owl.Today I'm off to drop of some toiletries to 3RRR studios in Brunswick. People will be there from 10-6 accepting and packing up goods to be sent to relief centers around the state.
Lots of crafty goods are up for auction to raise money for bushfire relief over at Handmade Help. Click on the link to the ebay page and make a bid. I have.
Oh and still crazy busy making stock for The Stitches and Craft Show. Exactly one month to go EEK!


  1. Hi
    I'm the scottie clock purchaser, just wanted to tell you it looks fantastic, love the colours love the dogs!

  2. Thanks so much for "tock" She looks great in my kitchen and Im in love with my broach! Will post a pic once shes up!


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