Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pretty Sweet

A few years ago when Betty Jo was just a wee thing, the first figurative range of brooches I made were butterflies. I sold them at Craft Victoria among other places. Well yesterday all the planets aligned and Voila, a new bunch of Betty Jo butterflies have emerged from their cocoons.The creative process to reach this point was interesting to say the least.
While having a lovely meeting over coffee with Tinnie Girl to nut out some ideas for the Stitches and Craft Show it was suggested that a simpler Betty Jo product should accompany my current ranges of brooches and pendants. Mmm, great idea.
Then later,while at Craft Victoria delivering some stock I was drawn to these gorgeous Butterflies by Lightly. They had been in the "encounter" window installation last month, and were now for sale. This pretty nasturtium saucer butterfly spoke to me, and is now an early birthday present for moi!That led me to reminisce about all the Betty Jo butterflies I'd made and slowly the idea was forming.
On arriving home I found two big packages of vintage lino from the absolutely fabulous Silly Gilly and Dick and Dora. Sent to me from Adelaide and Hobart. Thanks so much.
And my great neighbour had kept some more lino from his renovation of "Fred's house"......it was raining gorgeous lino.So look out Stitches and Craft Show.....I'm on a roll!


  1. Glad to see the coffee and chat was helpful. I love your early birthday present. The cuckoo clock is going to be my b'day gift to myself this year.

  2. I love the butterflies... but by now you know there's noting you can make that I won't love!
    Those plate butterflies are amazing too - did she make them from a mould or cut into an existing plate?

  3. the butterflies are a great idea...and i love the saucer....did it come with a cup?
    i've never seen one like it before...

  4. The china butterflies are hand cut with a water cutting blade.
    I haven't seen any refashioned cups by this designer, but I have seen lovely bangles sliced from the tops of tea cups by someone else.

  5. Wow. They're amazing :) I want to get back into ceramics one day - that's where I started out would you believe...

  6. Oh, are you going to be in the incubator at the Show? It will be good to meet you. And guess what? The butterfly creative spirit must have flown over to my place, cause I'm releasing a range of screenprinted butterfly fabric at the show.


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