Saturday, March 14, 2009

Put on a Happy Face!

Super pooped from four straight days at the Stitches and Craft Show. Come tomorrow (Sunday) for the final showdown.
A few happy faces at the Show have surely brought smiles to the punter's faces. They have to me.
I very much need cute pick-me-ups after saying "Yes, it is vintage lino" for what feels like 100 times a day......

Sweet Maiike teddies and Gorgeous One Red Robin dolly.

Funky Babushka display and cute Two Cheese Please Icecream,

Betty Jo Babushka and cuddly Twiglet Lion Stuffie.

* And to the person at the Show that "forgot" to pay for the Suzie Sparrow brooch I specially made at 1/4 to 12 last night..I'm pretty sure the Crafty Karma fairy was watching.


  1. Your stall looked fab! Hope you got lots of sales :-).

  2. I didn't get a chance to come and say goodbye before I left...sorry!
    Have a great day tomorrow

  3. Ooh, naughty Suzie stealer :(

    Hope Sunday is a super-successful one! And hope the oldies aren't giving you too hard a time :)


  4. great to see the lovely pics of all the great finds at the show...
    hope it is all going well...

  5. I hope the naughty Suzie stealer comes back with the money for you! Love your article in Mixtape! Best wishes for the last day of the show. :)

  6. It was so great to meet you and your lovely daughter! Thanks so much for the awesome brooches - love them to bits! Sorry to hear about the stolen brooch - you are right, what comes around goes around. Hope you have a great week and see you online :-)

  7. Hi Liz, it was lovely to meet you - I just love your stuff in case you hadn't noticed! Have to catch up again soon. Naughty person who took that brooch!

  8. I thought your stall looked so lovely! It was so crowded though on Saturday I didn't get a chance to have a really good look.

    Lovely to see you again on Friday night! That dinner was definitely the highlight of my stay!

    Why would anyone not pay? That is just so rude. A pox on their noses!

  9. Oh Poop on that person - Hope today was great for you ...
    On a scale of one to ten - just how tired are you????? I think I'm on thirteen.

  10. Wore my umbrella brooch (the one you were wearing & I just had to have)to sewing group today. Lots of óoh I love it'comments. I can't believe Suzie wasn't paid for - how could anyone do that? Unbelievable.


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