Monday, May 10, 2010


I made a few new discoveries at The Stitches and Craft Show on Sunday ( and reinforced some stuff I already knew). Here are some of them.......
*I discovered the fantastic, award winning "MakeDo" products and met the talented duo behind them."MakeDo" are simple plastic connectors that help you make things from the stuff around you! I'll be writing a special post about this cool company over at my other blog Find, Make, Do very soon......and yes, I came up with my blog name before I'd heard of this. Geat minds and all that! I also discovered MakeDo are fans of Betty Jo and wrote a little story on their blog!*I discovered that I have magic powers. While talking to Michelle from Crayon Chick in the very homey Incubator section about getting her gorgeous crotchet necklaces into shops, who should approach her but the girls from Mozi. Hope they make a BIG order!
Oh and by the way, if you want to use my "magic" with your products I might just start hiring myself out at markets and trade shows!*After attending the very informative Craft and Business workshop by Kate Vandermeer I discovered that Foxes and Rabbits are indeed the New Trends (and a baby fox is called a "kit").
*I discovered some cool marketing speak like POD (Point of Difference) ,"Sweet Spot" (perfect price point) and "Line Sheet"( I always called them catalogues).I will use all these in all my general business discussions from now on!

*I discovered Owls are out (yep, knew that) and birds are in RIGHT now ( even though I have seen them around for quite a while) and blogging is HOT! (just ask Jodie from RicRac)

*After doing my own bit of Trend Forecasting (while dashing through Northland this morning) I can say with assurance PURPLE is every where. eg. Birds and Purple in the JAG window
*So now I've discovered I was unconciously dressed right on the trendy money yesterday at the show in my 70's vintage dress I'd just scored from a Blackburn oppy and a sparrow pendant from you know who.


  1. It doesn't surprise me at all to find out that you have a good handle on the current trends. You're a sharp woman, that's for sure. You should be running workshops for people wanting to get into business.

    Thanks for the coffee on Sunday. It was lovely to catch up, as it always is.

  2. OMG, love the new terms - as a self taught crafter & business woman, i'm not quite up on all the buzz words but i love the term Sweet Spot, yes, brilliant & POD - i've been working on my POD to be a fresh patchwork twist for many years. So i've learnt something from a blog which is so hot right now, yippee for Jodie. Thanks Liz!! Love Posie

  3. So glad to see you are right on trend!

  4. Oh just gorgeous...
    Love the purple dress...
    And nice to see that foxes are in.
    As long as they stay out of the chicken coop that is...


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