Monday, July 23, 2007

7 Things about Me

As blogging is a brand new activity for me, and I'm sure I wouldn't be able to tag any one who hasn't already been tagged........I'll just make a little list! Thanks to daydream lily for taggin me!

1. I'm a crazy multi-tasker. Often I have 6 or more things on the go at once:- including cooking the dinner, running into the studio and making something, dealing with kids, pets etc. ,checking emails, businessy things, houseworky things. But every thing gets done somehow!

2. Even though I own dozens of rings, I cannot wear anything on my fingers. Same with wrists.So I have a box full of rings, bangles and watches I never wear.

3. Similar to 2. I cant wear rubber gloves, or any protective hand coverings. I have to be able to feel and touch things (even if it is messy ink or dirt). Although my nails would make a manicurist shudder, my hands are my tools and I'm glad they work well.

4. Deciding to work in my home studio has been excellent, but I do miss the interaction with other creative people.

5. For many years I made bridal jewellery and tiaras. I now have an aversion to this type of adornment!

6. Even though I lived in Sydney for six years , I still felt like a tourist and got excited crossing the Harbour Bridge and seeing the Opera House.

7. Back in Melbourne, I love how the city has evolved with all the arcades and alley ways coming to life. Melbourne is interesting and eclectic and a creative place to be.


  1. ah you did it :-) I though Id tag you cause your new to blogging as well. I love living in Melbourne too !! its such a creative and inspiring place to live.

    oh I went to Douglas and Hope on the weekend and saw some of your brooches... just lovely !!

  2. It was a little odd making the list. But I enjoyed doing it and getting to read others.

    and I'm in love with the name lily. Im going to call my daughter lily too....well thats when I have a daughter..hehe. Im planning to use the name "daydream lily" for my range...when I get around to making the jewellery.

  3. Oooh I'm finding lots of new blogs to read, with tags, my favourite type of blog post!


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