Monday, July 16, 2007

Buttons and Books -2 Obsessions

Buttons in Jars, colour coded of course. Lovely!
I only wish I had time to sort all my tins of buttons into jars. This photo appeared in the Autumn 07 edition of Attitude magazine with a little piece about Betty Jo designs.

Just after I took the photo, I found a wonderful picture book called
"Lizzies List" by Nadine Walter and Quentin Greban.
It was meant to be a present for my niece, but after reading it I decided to keep it...... the old keep the gift for yourself routine. Well being a Lizzie, how could I not?
Lizzie the mouse makes crafty things for all her friends-rabbits, squirrels, woodpeckers, and even Ollie owl. And she has all her buttons in jars!

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  1. Hello hello, seeing as I think we are myspace friends, I thought I would leave a comment on your baby blog! I know how exciting it is to get comments - mine is rather new too. Anyway, love the buttons!!
    steph :)


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