Friday, July 27, 2007

Flashback Friday 2

Ah,the 70's, those were the days... dinking your little brother on a pony with out a helmet. No bike helmets either.
Kids in the back seat of the family car jumping around with out seat belts, and your dad smoking at the brekky table while you ate your weetbix. It's a wonder we all survived


  1. What a beautiful classic photo. Talk about safety, my folks used to drive around with me asleep on the parcel shelf above the backseat in the back of the mini! It was lovely & warm. Obviously I wasn't always asleep. Happy Flashback Friday!

  2. Great post and great pic - yes it is amazing we all got so far!

  3. stuyvesant softpack. I can't even eat weetbix without feeling like smoking one.


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