Saturday, July 21, 2007

Plastic Girl

What with 2 sick children, tradesmen taking ages, and the miserable Melbourne weather, it has been hard to get into my draughty studio and fill orders.
So it was lovely to read a piece about Betty Jo designs, by the brilliant Liana Kabel on her colourful blog Plastic Girl.
Liana is famous for her Knitwit bangles, fashioned from retro knitting needles, but I love this necklace, featuring little nursery rhyme figures.
Some times, this is all the antidote you need for the winter doldrums. Thanks Liana!

1 comment:

  1. OH, i too love Liana Kabel's work. One of my great local customers in Nightcliff NT (yes, we love retro in the tropics) has that exact necklace, which she picked up from a country gallery in VIC. Jean also has the knitting needle necklace. Hope your children brighten up soon, i have 4 who just ran laps around our local oval, under sprinklers, so they're all sweaty. Sunshine sure keeps out the colds. Love Posie


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