Sunday, August 12, 2007

Who, Where, Why, How? Brown Cow

Lily at Heide
As my first month of blogging comes to an end , I ask myself the eternal questions.......Who is reading this blog?(quite a lot of people it seems) Where do they come from?( Melbourne, Australia, rest of World) Why did they take a peek? And how did they find me?
I am quietly curious, but the mystery is also nicely intriguing.
I guess I could set up one of those world map locator thingies, and comments are good to enable a reciprocated peek.
I can say, the blogging world seems super friendly, and that is a quality worth maintaining.


  1. I found you via another craft blogger and I reckon your creations are very cute! I'm from Sydney in Oz, by the way. :-)

  2. hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. I've just enjoyed reading your blog, it seems your quest for vintage lino mirrors my quest for vintage fabric! I love your badges, a brilliant re-use of lino.

  3. I also found you via Posie and liked your comments. I'm also really new to blogging so came for a look see too!!! I loved your profile picture with the lino forest animals, Gorgeous.

  4. I found you via your myspace :-)
    you started your blog around a similar time to me.
    Hope your enjoying blogging as much as I am.


  5. Well of course my link was off Mike's but then i had all these people at my market stall here in Darwin saying "do you known Mike's" & "i got this owl brooche from a lovely girl Betty Jo from Lino Forest" & i'm like skipping around thinking, 5000km away people know you, & even more exciting, think we know each other!! It's like a freaky circle or cogs in a crafty clock, as we all overlap & interconnect. I'm in my 2nd month of blogging now, it's fun to post but more fun to stalk. Love Posie

  6. I found you on as my kids handmade applique tees recently featured on there so I like to keep up with who is new etc. Gorgeous work by the way. I am new to blogging so am trying to work out this whole blogging community my self!

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  8. I am always amazed about by how people find me too. I'm sure Flashback Friday attracts more people. I have added you to my links. Hope to see you again next week.

  9. Yep, I'm reading! And am happy to have found you (can't remember how now... was it via georgie love?
    Thrilled to have you in blog land!
    Hannah xx

  10. I found your blog via The Cats Meow website (then I googled 'Betty Jo jewellery') when I clicked on the Betty Jo designs and found that your lovely owl pendant was the one a classmate of mine had been wearing and I'd been eyeing cos it was so pretty and I can't wait to go out and get one. Keep up the great work, your designs are gorgeous! And I love the recycling element to it:)


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