Friday, September 7, 2007

Flashback Friday

This post will definitely fall under the category,
"How embarrassment!"
The only time I was ever a bridesmaid circa 1985. Dress from a Bridal hire place in Glenroy-musk pink taffeta, hair blow dried, cheesy smile plastered on.
My best friend at the time told me she was getting married, and all I could say was "Why?". But 22 years later she's still married! Most of our group back then were too busy for marriage and babies.
I couldn't submit any friends to bridesmaid duties when I got married. If anyone asked me now I'd probably have to be a Matron of I'll pass thanks.


  1. That dress is a diamond. I think that was what I was coveting when I got stuck in the curtain fabric.

  2. love the photo. Turning 40 this year, I felt the same way when two friends had babies at 19. Nice to meet the creator of the cute brooches I discovered when i moved to Melbourne

  3. Great photo. Love the dress and the colour and if you have another photo like this you'll be able to use it in next weeks "Cheese" theme.


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