Wednesday, September 19, 2007

K is for Kitsch!

This picture came from Form's A-Z of gift giving booklet. I don't really agree with my Macquarie Dictionary's definition of kitsch-"pretentious or worthless art". Kitsch is also described as tawdry, vulgar and in bad taste. Well, I love Kitsch, and all it represents.
I couldn't find the word kitsch in my Collins illustrated dictionary, just words like keen, kink, kernel, kerb and of course kite.
So here's to all things Kitsch!!


  1. Cyberspace is just too full of fabulous things. I found your blog looking up Renee Damiani, which led me to Liana, which has led me to you. Beautiful work. I have some lino if you'd like it. It's fairly plain, but could be good for backgrounds. I too have an obsession with sorting colours. Keep up the good work.


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