Saturday, October 13, 2007

Good Day Out

Ventured out to Fitzroy today.*

Saw the Fringe furniture exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

And a Bower bird's bower with blue found objects for adornment.

Some Fitzroy Dwellings,
And this cute stencil. We love street art (and Snowy).
Then hallelujah, a skip full of this very vintage lino was discovered in the back streets.
Loaded a big pile into the boot and then home, after a good day out.
*Visually recorded by Lily


  1. Hi, Love your lino, and especially the rabbits :)
    I am a Scottish designer/ artist and love all things found! Can I add a link to your blog on mine please?
    Happy Saturday.

  2. Lily is a good photograoher - good score with the lino!


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