Thursday, October 18, 2007


The pattern on this gorgeous lino is made up of tiny dots.
It was found for me in an old cupboard by my friendly neighbourhood junk shop man.Thanks for looking out for me Joe from Rust SecondHand!

This Betty Babushka will be going to live with a very talented jewellery designer in Brisbane???

Another beautiful lino design found by Joe from Rust. Almost too good to use!

This is a fabric design inspired by vintage lino. It is from a very inspiring blog, Metremade by two talented Melbourne girls. Full of the most amazing fabric prints in a myriad of colours and patterns. And it's nice to know they love my lino critters!


  1. What lovely lino. It's amazing what can be rescued when people start to look. Nice one Joe... I wore your owl brooch today and received many a lovely comment!

  2. I received an email from Julie Knoblock who visited Arthur's Circus yesterday. She said "the lovely owner was wearing one of your brooches, very cool!(and such a great shop this new one is)" Good to get positive feedback...!

  3. Oh that Joe found lino is stunning!


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