Monday, November 26, 2007

Biddy Bags

I had seen these adorable bags in Frankie, but it wasn't until Sally at Georgie Love gave them a brilliant spiel, that I finally bought one for myself. They are called Biddy Bags, so do check out the website.
Each Biddy Bag is unique and is both a fashion and a social statement, providing retired women with a purpose and an income (and we all need both of those).
The fabrics and yarn are all vintage/pre-loved, and sourced by Samantha, the creator of the project.
The fun begins when you have to decide which Biddy Bag you want, there are so many colour combinations to choose from, all lovingly handmade by a group of crafty older women.
So here is the gorgeous bag I chose, made by a very clever crocheting grandma called Jan.
I lurve it!


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