Saturday, November 3, 2007

Flying to Nowa Nowa

This Flying Bird Clock is travelling to a little town called Nowa Nowa in far east Victoria, along with some Betty Jo brooches. They will arrive in time for an Arts event "The Long Now" which celebrates Nowa Nowa's diverse and culturally rich community, with a strong focus on recycling and sustainability.The Display Home is an old "renovators delight" that has been converted into a work of art celebrating gleaning (love that word!), off beat recycling and ingenuity, by 15 local artists.

Just last week a parcel of Betty Jo pieces travelled in the opposite direction to the "Eco Store" in Warrnambool in the far west of Victoria.
The use of repurposed and recycled materials in my work has brought them to the attention of retailers with a "green" philosophy.
I like the fact that Betty Jo can happily sell in the trendy inner city boutiques, as well as the specialist galleries and environmentally conscious businesses.

With all the mass produced blandness out there, it's gratifying that so many people are embracing the alternative.

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