Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pick a Winner!

Jodie from RicRac has been drawn out of the old tin, and can now adopt this Ollie owl brooch. So just email me your address Jodie........And thank you all for the comments.

I have wanted a matching set of ramekins like these for a while. Today, on a whim, I visited an op-shop not noted for it's treasures, and came home with these and two big bundles of good stuff! After donating a decent sized bag to said oppy, I figure all is balanced and fair in the world of thrifting!

Just one question, how do you spell Doilies? Not that I will use these doily storers. I cut up doilies the minute I get them!


  1. Betty Jo , I have emailed but just want to say a public thankyou - I am beyond thrilled. Of all the things someone could win I cannot imagine anyone , no matter what they won feeling any luckier than I do right now. I feel like a little kid with a squeal all strangled up inside.

  2. SO jealous of the ramekins! Beautiful!

  3. I love those ramekins. We used to have Mum's casserole tuna and rice in them as kids. Happy memories of comfort food for me, as well as very cool to look at : )


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