Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I received a surprise package yesterday. Jodie from RicRac sent me a fabulous selection of vintage buttons, and this gorgeous owl softie.
(I have named her Lola).
I have had an exhausting few weeks with my brain going into regular meltdown with all the pre-Christmas orders I'm working on, so this wonderful gesture really made my day. I went straight into my studio to play with all my lovely new buttons and the first two cabs off the rank were a Betty Babushka and an Ollie Owl. So thanks heaps Jodie.

The Melbourne Design Market was quite successful although the hot weather kept the numbers down from last time. My pendants sold well, as they tend to do in summer....lots more bare necks to decorate when it's warm!

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  1. thanks for visiting me! that's so funny - because I just had a breakthrough and though "i could put a Betty Jo on MY Christmas wish list!" Yay! oh and thinking of others of course...


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