Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nukk= Doll

Mr. Betty Jo caught up with his old music buddy from Sydney last weekend. His partner Francesca runs a fabulous gallery and retail space in Oxford St. called Pablo Fanque. It showcases jewellery and collectables from Australia and overseas, and of course I was keen to check it out.
So I looked on their web site and Wow! their latest show is by Anna Davern called "Nukk".
After visiting Estonia last year, Davern was inspired by the ubiquitous matroyshka doll and has created amazing wearable art by slicing them up!
The humble nesting doll has been inspiring designers a lot lately. She seems to be everywhere I look, from plates and fabrics, to clothing and accessories.(Betty Jo included!)But the Bestest example of Russian doll inspired design I have come across is this amazing skirt I received today in a swap with Hannah from Made with love by Hannah. I put it straight on (although it needs an iron after it's long journey from L.A.), and I don't think I am going to take it off ...ever. I just love it Hannah, it's fits perfectly.Thank you so muchxxx


  1. what a beautiful skirt!

    i too am envious.

    also, about BA - i am setting up a blog which i will eventually allow other people to post on to share our button love.

    let me know if you are interested! send me an email to milkyandrosie.elmweb.de or just leave a comment.


  2. Yes, the skirt is brilliant!
    The Buttons anon. blog is a great idea, Sophie. I Know quite a few other bloggers who are also addicted.

  3. I have that skirt on my wishlist. I did buy two other wrap skirts & a top by Hannah last year which I just love! The quality is fab.


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