Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thanks Chester!

I was out walking my little dog Chester last night, when he went sniffing around the front yard of an empty house. It was being renovated and under the pile of rubble I found a big piece of this.......Even though it was a bit grubby, it was very lovely and cleaned up nicely.
I would have liked to see it down in the original bathroom.In fact, I would have liked to HAVE the original bathroom!
So, to celebrate my doggy's find, I whipped up this fellow, and coincidently his name is "Chester Chipmunk".


  1. That is perfect! Clever Chester! He can be your linohound!

  2. Hi Betty Jo, I am so glad to have found your blog which I came across while skipping from Material Obsession. I saw one of your Babushka pins on a young woman on a city bound bus and had to do the "Nanna" thing and ask her where it came from. I am off to Melbourne this weekend and was going to track down the shop but imagine my joy at learning you stock Dragstar which is next to me in Enmore! Yippee! Girlfriend presents for the year.

  3. Wow Chester is looking out for you!!! It's almost like a Lassie episode! : )

  4. Firstly, although it may have seemed like Chester is a super lino tracking dog, I think he was only sniffing for other dogs pee!
    And to anonymous, that is a lovely message, whom ever you are???

  5. Good dog Chester!

    Thank you for the babushka brooch, she arrived safe and snugly in the mail today!
    I love it!

  6. yay - a trained lino hunter - what a great dog!

  7. Wow, Chester definitely has the eye - er I mean nose.
    Guess he can't use scissors bu oh well... a lovely find indeed.


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