Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bunnies to Buy

These delicious (but not actually edible) bunnies are available on GeorgieLove .
Great for the gal who's given up the choccy.......if there is such a person.

From top right....
1. Cat-Rabbit wooden brooch
2.Black Bunny brooch by Dick and Dora
3.Grumpy Rabbit coin purse by Pocket Carnival
4.Rabbit brooch by Allira Tee
5.Big Pink Bunny by Julie Ramsden
6.Ronaldo rabbit brooch by Betty Jo designs
Sally at GeorgieLove has arranged a whole page of Bunnies to buy, so just click on the link to see them all.....

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  1. Here I am! The girl who gave up chocolate (it was doing funny things to my heart). It took about a year before the cravings subsided - I would not recommend it. So next time you eat chocolate, know that you are doing yourself a favour...


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