Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Super Tuesday

My first stop on this beautiful Tuesday was the Anglicare oppy in Fitzroy.
I found some brilliant buttons, this cute Babushka top, (I know, I've probably had enough with the babushkas!) some cute dollies, and a great swan planter.
Then the postie delivered a BIG envelope with this excellent lino inside. It was from the lovely Madeleine from "Madz has Runaway".I used to have a few pieces of this lino when I first started Betty Jo designs, found in an old kitchen dresser. Of course it has long gone, so I was so happy to have some more. It has tiny specks of glitter all over it!
Inside the parcel were these super cute brooches that Madeleine had added for a nice surprise!.

As always, I will give a Betty Jo piece as a thankyou to any one who sources me some lino....so this Frances Finch will be flying off to Madeleine very soon

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  1. that little birdie is gorgeous!

    your designs are always really inspiring!


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