Friday, April 25, 2008


Last night we were having a lovely browse at "Bonspiel" on etsy. As I was feeling particularly out of sorts due to having the lurgy, I felt this "Frowl"tee would speak volumes (and it comes in a mini size for Blythe dolls).

And I also felt that having this satchel would make everything all better.
Then Mr. BJ calls us to come outside and look ...there is a lovely feathery fellow sitting on our power line.This bird is a Tawny Frogmouth(sometimes mistaken for an owl). But instead of flying around finding prey, this guy just sits still and waits for prey to come to him. I hope he scored well with some of those delicious MASSIVE cockroaches around at the moment, and maybe a mouse or two. He looked a bit gruff, but that's probably because I was interrupting!
So not feeling as grumpy today, I realized that every owl I make is what I would call "Cheerily Startled".
8 Owls
Maybe some grouchy ones are in order, for the days you are feeling those monthly hormones kick in.


  1. those owls are very cute indeed. How wonderful having a Frogmouth visit!! We have lived with the bush at our back fence for 7 years now and only ever seen one!!!

  2. 8 little owls went out one day ... makes a change to ducks anyway!

  3. Hello lino lady!
    Just dropping by to let you know, you've been tagged! :)


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