Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday Archive.. late again

This morning I was reminded after popping over to Loobylu and Kootoyoo that,
a. Yesterday was Friday archives and,
b. I worked as a mosaic artist in the 90's and early 2000's and produced many small and large scale pieces. I also taught classes, but to be perfectly honest ,I wouldn't mind if I Never had to do another mosaic again in my life! So labour intensive, and too many sharp edges ( I still have the scars). Here are some photos I found.....
Magazine cuttings of mosaic tiles, frames and pots.And a big floor installation at the Hunt Club Community Art Centre in Deer Park.( I have never been back to see this, I wonder if it's still there?)* And look, Olivia is now for sale at Etsy


  1. I love mosaics but I tend to only half finish them because of the whole time / labour intensive issue. It's really fun if you like making lots of mess! That floor mosaic is amazing!

  2. Liz - absolutely incredible!


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