Thursday, May 8, 2008

Home and Away...

Actually, I've never watched the show. I am referring to the fact that I have been stuck at home with tag team lurgies going through the family, and I'd much rather be away. Here. I would have even gone with my Mother in-law who flew out on Monday!( that's how great the urge) But as it's not to be, I'll just watch "The Piano" for the umteenth time and wish I was in New Zealand. This little Betty Jo brooch lives in New Zealand with Helen of "Show Your Workings". It's been twice, once as a present, then a second trip was just made, here then back with a new lady button. Thanks for the pic Helen.
Four of these buttons lived on a cardi I bought from a friends garage sale. The cardi had been knitted by her late sister, but as my friend was moving to Paris, she decided it was a good time to purge. I don't think her sister would mind me using them!

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  1. Thanks so much for fixing it, I love it so much!!


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