Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It was too wet to meet friends in the park yesterday, so me and the 5yo went op shopping (this is an activity often suggested by both my kids, they definitely have a good eye for a bargain)
I think timing is everything. How many times have I asked to see the buttons and have had this apologetic reply "Oh, someone just came in and bought the whole jar". Well today it was me! And a nice vintage jar to boot!(Yummy glass florals and leaves!)

This dot-to- dot book was going to be for Charlie, but as it's in mint condition, I'm not so sure.But we all enjoyed these cute mini Panda biccies.And speaking of cute, the wonderful "Cuteable" has posted a pic. of Oscar Owl brooch, which is exciting for me and Oscar!Thanks Lynsey.
And a new crafty blog full of Melbourne info. has started here. Thanks to Gemma for asking those very thought provoking questions!


  1. Must have been lucky button day yesterday. I bought a full jar too! What was the going rate at your op shop? Great find. I can see some beauties in there. And I love a 5 year old who loves a good op shop fossick!

  2. That Craftcity blog is fantastic, thanks for sharing, I went straight from there to airline websites to try and find cheap flights, Dora's gotta get over there.

  3. I have definite button envy now!

  4. Great button find !!! They are gorgeous


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