Monday, June 16, 2008

Antipodes of Sorrento

Antipodes Bookshop and Gallery in Sorrento on the very lovely Mornington Peninsular will now have a range of Betty Jo designs brooches for sale. Like Bo the Koala.I have been holidaying down there since I was a little tacker, firstly in my Grandmas caravan, then in my uncles fibro beach shack, and now in my parents timber holiday house.
Below is big sister(me) with little sis and bro in our caravan park days. In fact we rarely holidayed anywhere else (and still don't), which is kinda boring, but there is really something for every one on the Peninsular....and now there is Betty Jo!


  1. oh how you made me smile-i live just down the road from sorrento- singing and skipping-jo.

  2. I LOVE those dresses! What am I doing on the computer? Must go and sew!!

  3. My Mum sewed that cute paisley cotton dress I'm wearing.She sewed most of our dresses,but then she didn't have the darned internet to distract her!


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