Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm a huge fan of Melbourne artist "Ghost Patrol".
His art work is edgy, cute and innovative.

His street art is amazing and can be spotted scattered around Melbourne's inner urban landscape as well as selected European cities .

His hand stitched soft toys are available at Queen and from his website.
I was lucky enough to get a limited edition coat which was a design collaboration between "Queen" clothing and Ghost Patrol for the 07 Melbourne Fashion Festival. I spied it at the fashion parade "Collections in the Underpass" in Campbell Arcade, and never forgot it.
Yesterday while I was delivering some stock to Queen, there it was, just put on the rack, and in my size. What could a girl do?Here's a shot of the screen print on the back. If I'm in the mood I will post a pick of me wearing it on Sundays "this is... my most favourite outfit that expresses my individual style"
Speaking of wearing art, this Lino palette brooch is available at Lino Forests Corner Shop.


  1. He's a goodie!

    The paint palette brooch is wonderful.

  2. Oh yes, please show us the coat in all its glory. Isn't it great when you make a find like that.

    I love the paint pallet too.

  3. Hi betty jo-
    your darling blog was the inspiration behind my idea to write about ghost patrol...i hope you don't mind!
    i also love love loved your etsy goodies and was going to add them to my faves.
    you are a blogging superstar to me. an inspiration!
    sincere admiration.
    Pamma la


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