Friday, June 13, 2008


We all like gifts...although one(or maybe all 3 working together) of the four legged members of my family keeps giving me dead mice. There is one right near me in the kitchen with a Wok lid covering it, waiting till Mr. BJ gets home to remove it. Is that woosy?
Then there are these types of gifts-Brown paper packages tied up with string, that arrive in the mail from lovely people. Cute, handmade and buttony. THE BEST! Thanks Ms. Cathy BigCat xxx
Oh and of course there are the gifts you buy for yourself at the op shop when you are only popping in quickly for a bit of a look. The men folk in the household didn't warm to this guy, but the girls love him....although we are not sure if it's a bear or a puppy?


  1. Big Cat Cathy is so lovely! She sends out such lovely & pretty little gifts....what a treasure.

  2. How about a chipmunk? I 'bought' one of these from ebay ages ago. Of course the numbskull didn't know how to package things properly and it ended up in pieces. He's pretty cute.

  3. Because he has a stumpy tail I'm leaning towards a Bear. But either way ,cute he is!

  4. I nearly bought one of those cookie jars but I was so poor I just couldn't. AND I do have the rooster... only it's taller. Exactly the same otherwise. It was my Grandma's.
    Lovely work dear! I love my bunny brooch!


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