Monday, June 2, 2008

Three Sisters

These three Babushka wall hangings are going to live at PussyCat Black in Edwards St. Brunswick. Go and visit Bettina and Skye at this gorgeous shop, they are very lovely and only stock very beautiful clothes and accessories by Australian designers. Not one imported, mass produced anything to be found!I scored a gorgeous embroidered tablecloth at the market yesterday. It's covered in these pretty florals....too nice to recycle, well not for the moment. As you can see from the babushkas, I use a lot of op-shopped Nana embroidery in my work.
(I coined the term "Nana embroidery", to mean those time consuming, but very decorative doilies and tablecloths often found at the bottom of baskets at op-shops). Oh, and this blogger loves Nana embroidery too.And I also found the cute pussy cup to add to my collection of little kids china cups.
My two pussies have featured here numerous times, but for this weeks "This is" Two peas in a Pod has asked to see our pets. My two naughty cats Pedro and Bella caught on the table getting some sun.......And heres Chester the lino sniffer-outer and brooch inspirer!


  1. These babushka wall hangings are great! I can imagine they'll look wonderful in PCB. A few years ago I spied your clock window display there and, if I wasn't a $ poor crafter myself, I would've snapped one up! Love the big (wall hanging) vs. small (brooch) idea.

  2. Look at little Chester...he is so cute!

  3. I think Pedro might be a 'kitler'! is that a little moustache i see under his nose?

  4. Pedro has a moustache and a goatee, so he's more of a "Mousekateer".He just needs some boots and a feathery hat.

  5. What a cute group of pets.

    Love the soda syphon collection on the window sill.

  6. What is it with cats and dining room tables? They seem to somehow know its the most inappropriate place to sit. Mine do it all the time - I can almost see them giving me the invisible finger.

    I love the wall hangings. I agree with Made By Maude. It takes your designs to a whole new level - literally and figuratively.


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