Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Crafts Revival

A lot has been spoken about in the past few years regarding "The Crafts Revival". This piece from a book "Crafts for Fun and Profit" circa 1974 goes to show it's always been happening.... but these days you don't see enough crocheted rainbow vests around for my liking.

Softies, Resin Casting, Rug Hooking , Wearable Macrame,
We could be in 2008. Well maybe not the rug hooking and macrame garments , but they are not far off I reckon.
Small Town has been crafting cute macrame pieces for a while.These are my contribution to the Great "Crafts Revival" circa 2008!


  1. My favourite is the beige, tasselled, crocheted top!

  2. The owls, my fave! And I would be wearing that rainbow vest if I could get my hands on one. Absolutely. Sad but true.
    BTW gives me a major buzz to see little bits of bright red lino popping up here and there..... :D

  3. Oh, and meant to say, it's funny how we think oh, we've got a new trend going now... but it's all been done before in another craftime.

  4. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Why is it that we don't see more of those rainbow crocheted vests out there? ;)

  5. It's so true. The world keeps spinning around on itself.

    Being on the crocheted rainbow vests. I'm ready.

  6. Now I know I wouldn't ever actually wear a crocheted rainbow vest- but man, I want one!!!!! Love the little house brooch too - reminds me of a fairytale gingerbread house :)


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