Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Linoleum is a floor covering made from solidified linseed oil (linoxyn) in combination with wood flour or cork dust over a burlap or canvas backing.

Vinyl floor covering displaced lino in the 60’s , but is often incorrectly referred to as linoleum. The two materials are quite different.

Look at the beautiful designs of this vintage linoleum in the work of the celebrated Australian artist Rosalie Gascoigne (1917–1999)

The linoleum in Betty Jo designs is predominately from the 40's and early 50's (with some contemporary Marmoleum).


  1. I visited former Prime Minister Ben Chifley's house at Bathurst and the lino was pointed out as a feature of the decor. It was patterned and textured to look like tapestry floor rugs. Carpet was only in the dining room, where visitors were likely to be received. It was a piece of living history this place. A big pat on the back to the Bathurst Council for preserving it.

  2. It's amazing that artists designed floor coverings back in those's just so pretty.

  3. I did not expect to see such beautiful designs..... that's not my perception of lino

  4. Wow, it's very pretty! It must be getting harder and harder to source that stuff now, so many years on...

    Is this type of Lino similar to the Lino used in printmaking?

    PS: I wore my Betty Jo birdy brooch today (I bought it from Craft Victoria a long time ago) and I got lots of compliments! I always get compliments on it whenever I wear it!

  5. Beautiful floral designs!
    Going on from what boxofglory mentioned, I can still vividly remember the sharp particular smell of the 'lino' we used to do print making at school. Do you think that was lino? It was a deep brown in colour before the paint got all over it!

  6. The browny material commonly used for printing is linoleum.I still have the scars from a few wayward lino cutters!
    Thanks for the lovely feedback about your birdy BoxofGlory. And my hunt for lovely vintage lino never ceases.

  7. Love these linos, I make floral canvas prints and these are just perfect inspiration!

  8. What a brilliant idea, love the sound of this!

  9. The two materials are quite different.


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