Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time to announce Giveaway Winner

I am so excited by all the fantastic suggestions for new Betty Jo designs.....and to think I have been missing out on this amazing source of inspiration up till now. Tapping other creative minds is not new to me, but crafty bloggers are always coming up with great and innovative products and were nicely willing to offer up their different and novel ideas (especially when there is a goodie bag up for grabs) . All the suggestions were possibilities, so I went for the Random pick, and the name drawn was.. Cass from Snailblazer! So if you can email me your address, your winnings will be packed and posted. Thanks again for all the great comments. I'll do a show and tell with the suggested designs I create. I had a pleasant afternoon appearing in store at Kids In Berlin working at my little table and meeting nice customers. My Flying Ducks found a new home while I was there which was very exciting, and I actually put my head down and cut out some brooches.


  1. Thanks so much, I'm very excited. Email on the way

  2. I love my new ducks - my friends are tired of me talking about them... I'll send you a photo when I've hung them in their final flying place.


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