Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yay for Tea Cosies And Merle!

This article was in yesterdays Age. I love Tea Cosies and own some beauties (pics. below from past posts).The super cute Owl tea cosy in the article was knitted by Merle Swale. Selected Tea Cosies knitted by Merle and her knitting group are available from McIvers Tea and Coffee Shop at the Victoria Market. Money raised from the sale of these Tea Cosies goes to the Dorothy Impey old folks home in Pascoe Vale. Oh and Merle was my Grandma's name. She was a strong and intelligent woman. Go the Merles! And this Cushions and Cosies knitting book is very lovely..... thanks Poppalina.


  1. ooh, I had an aunty merle and she was a nun - she was awesome and swore like a sailor

  2. cosie wonderment!
    btw, jodie's comment made me snort laugh out loud!!

  3. She gets around, that cover.

    Would you believe, for all my cosy patterns, I only acquired my first tea cosy just last week.

    And I didn't even make it myself.



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