Friday, September 12, 2008

Gnome what I mean!

I found these very jolly fellows here. They reminded me I must try and make a gnome brooch as suggested by Silly Gilly in my "think of a new Betty Jo design" giveaway.
I have had quite a few garden gnomes in my life but I only have one left. Mmmm, I really don't know where the others have gone. This guy was a gift from a student in my first year of teaching. (so that goes back a really long time) It was only later I guessed it was probably nicked from someones garden.
And here is my gnome...his name is Louis.As usual I have been drooling over Made with love by Hannah's skirts and have decided this one is on my new wish list. With two gnomes and toadstools!As I was typing this I was hearing the theme song and words to "Paulus the Woodland Gnome" in my head.I seriously believe this could be one of my earliest memories!


  1. Oh my goodness, goodness me. What a splendiferous gnome! And your gifted gift is lurvely too.
    Can't say I've ever heard of Paulus the Woodland Gnome?? Is it an aussie creation? 70's?
    I have some more ideas for you, if you don't mind me passing them on...

  2. love the skirt.must admit i also missed out on paulus the woodland gnome.but love your little guy.

  3. well hopefully the gnomes that 'wandered off' from your gardens over the years have also arrived at appreciative new homes! Cute cute brooch! t.x

  4. Your gnome is great! Like your garden gnome too. Looks very cheeky.


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