Monday, October 20, 2008

Crafty Weekend.

Over the weekend I've been busy craft marketing, op shopping and school feteing. Not working at them I might add, but rocking up with a full purse and a clear head to absorb all the goodies on offer!
Saturday was what you'd call it was hot, but we ventured out to the Sisters Market at Brunswick Town Hall. Such a lovely market choc full of craftalicious treats. Saw the gorgeous Justine and Nichola from Mixtape, and they were sporting their Betty Jo brooches! Picked up my fresh off the presses copy, and was excited to see my little ad.

We'd done a bit of a barter for this.... which was right up my ally, as I am the brooch swapping Queen!!
Then as a reward for trailing around the market after me, I took my kids to Savers...yes I reward my kids by going to op-shops!! Lily found a Japanese pose doll, that spun on her chair and played music, Charlie found BIG rubbery feet that roared (Too ugly to post a pic. What is it with boys and grossness) And I found, hidden away, 2 very cool pieces of lino, in Savers, that's a first!
Then on the much cooler Sunday we visited the Skirt and Shirt Market at the divine Abbotsford Convent, once again brimming with crafty goodies, had a yummy lunch at Lentil as Anything, and then caught the tail end of one of the many school fetes happening at the moment. Phew! I did find some time to make this pair of Scottie dogs for a customer who asked for "girly" colours. With my Savers lino.Hope these guys fit the bill.


  1. what a fantastic weekend...sounds great.

  2. OMG... fancy finding a doll like that in Savers. I'm jealous. I just bought her sister off ebay :-)

  3. Wowee...Lino at Savers!
    It's amazing it didn't end up in the skip.

  4. The Scotties are really cute.

    What a great weekend!

  5. CraftygirlwithruffleOctober 20, 2008 at 7:58 PM

    Hi There Betty Jo
    We met at the Sisters Market on Saturday. I love your finds at Savers. We visit quite a bit as we are locals. My daughter also this considers shopping at Savers a reward". We were at Abbortsford Convent Makers Market yesterday. What a stunning place that is. Will try to get to your fete this weekend. Cheers Craftygirlwithruffle (Ann Marie)

  6. good to see you again :)
    lets get onto the get together...


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