Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fete finds....

Picked up a nice booty at the Spensley St. Primary School fete today. But at home, on closer inspection, a few things had a decidedly sinister edge to them....

An old Knitting Nancy, like the one I had in primary school, but with a pretty agro demeanour.

This delightful bird tapestry, with decidedly evil eyes.

And this vintage Huckleberry Hound board game with BooBoo doing something quite dangerous with his gun!


  1. uh oh boo boo going to go bye bye
    ahahaha how funny are your finds love them!

  2. oh - she is one cranky Nancy alright!

  3. I have a Knitting Nancy just like that. Can't recall it's expression. I'll have to go look now. And the bird. You are right. It's scary.

  4. oh i nearly burst out laughing...bobo with the gun...and they say kids stuff these days is just too violent...

  5. Oo that knitting Nancy looks Hard. Hard as nails. _I_ wouldn't be knitting on her head. Yikes!


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