Sunday, October 5, 2008

Particularly Bad Art!

I attended the prestigious"Itchiball Prize" opening night last Friday . It was a gala event. A whole gallery full of the worst paintings known to mankind...or should I say this ex high school art teacher and kitsch aficionado.
Organised and curated by Helen of Fat Helen's fame, it is a fund raiser and a celebration of that forgotten genre of art- completely devoid of technical skill, having unusual, poor or tasteless subject matter,but possessing an undeniable passion, driven by an uneducated hand.
Click on the pic for the website, location and times.
Please go and vote for my friends entry in the Peoples choice awards- "Portrait of Norma Bates"
It is a stunning example of portraiture, and just slightly disturbing.The partner and child of the artist with me stifling my laughter. Purple faced "Norma" behind us.
Here is a close-up of the Aunty Mabel's Handbag pendant around my neck...just in case you were wondering!!!


  1. Love it! there is an odd beauty in that art that makes you smile. Thanks for your comments too, your a lovey and an art teacher "double happiness"

  2. what a great event to go to...i so want to live in the city...the quilt show i went to this weekend ,while not a lot of people was so lovely to see in our small town...


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