Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tinsel Already!

I finally woke up from an economic daze this morning and realized the U.S. dollar is kickin' butt!
So, like the aisles of Clint's Crazy Bargains, I have dusted off the Christmas tinsel and DRASTICALLY reduced prices in my Etsy shop. And thrown in Free Shipping for good measure.
This would be especially Happy News for international customers.Another Great Opportunity to get some Betty Jo Christmas gifts will be The Roof Top Market happening every Friday 11am-4pm at the top of Curtain House 252 Swanston St. Melbourne.
Kicking off Friday week..7th November. Worth going for the view alone!!!And a reminder to check out the gorgeous New Georgie Love Crafty On-Line Store. It's buttony, patchworky, and cute as always!


  1. Loving the owls all lined up at the top there. How cute!

  2. yes i realized the same thing...it's something that plays a big part when selling on etsy...
    roof top markets!!!!! i'm terrified of heights....
    but the view while standing a very safe distance from the edge would be amazing...


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