Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vintage Board Games

Yesterday I played a few games of Operation with Charlie. As a kid I always avoided playing this game as I honestly thought it gave you a real electric shock!Found this clever bag by EmotionalBaggage. One of many uses for old games that have lost their childhood appeal. Here's another from ohdeedoh

Cute and not so cute vintage board games from our house.


  1. love the board games...
    monopoly was about it in our house...oh and snakes and ladders...

  2. Oh I love operation. It's my favourite. I never owned it as a kid and I felt so deprived. I keep meaning to buy it for myself.

  3. Love the board games on the wall! In our house Monopoly always caused fights...actually most board games ended with someone upending the board and storming off- the joys of sisterhood!

  4. yes, loving the board games on display - nice find. Your games look cool, that double your money cover is ace.


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