Friday, November 14, 2008

A Girl went a Hunting

I had a bit of time today to zip around to a few local oppy's on the hunt for supplies. It's classified as work you know, and a bit of retail therapy thrown in for good measure. I ended up with way too much stuff, but I'm sure it will all find a home. These things are just the tip of the op-shop iceberg.

I also caught up with Cathy Big Cat and picked up my giveaway. It's pretty spesh. I won't give away her secret squirrel business yet, although it may be happening as we speak.
One of the treats in my prize were 2 imitation wood grain buttons. Just crying out for a baby owl to perch on them. Be sure to visit indie art and design for a super cool giveaway to commemorate the revamped Georgie Love online store. A $50 gift voucher to spend on any georgie love crafty goodie. Like these popular items...And if you want to see the spunkiest new bub on the block check out the Georgie Love blog. Big congrats to Sally . I knew she loved to surround herself with cute items, but Miss Ruby Rock takes the cake.


  1. Dontcha just love that you can classify op shopping as work...he he he!

  2. I'm 100% with you on op-shopping as being part of the "job" description!!
    What great finds. Kinda kooky, especially the lion.

  3. love the pictures they have in the old annuals...will have to pop over and check out the giveaway and the new baby...


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