Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Survey....

Yesterday I received this very cool, (but tricky for a sewing challenged person like moi) Knicker Making Kit from Gemma. Just up my recycling ally!So this has provided me with a challenge -purchase a NEW sewing machine and make myself a pair of knickers, ( along with other useful items in the future).
My old Husqvarna has basically had it. It has survived two Fires and a Flood. It still has smoke stains on the case from when I used to use it with students at a school that was pretty well torched by said students. It also survived when the moving van caught fire with all our worldly possessions on the road to Sydney. It was hauled out of shin deep water when our house flooded in 2003, but after all this, even though it still works, I'm sorry to say it and I just don't get on.
Has anyone got any advice as to a good brand of machine, basic, not too pricey, that will do the trick, and a) let me make those knickers, and b) be friendly enough for my daughter to learn on? Maybe I should ask The Dainty Squid. This amazing body adornment is living proof she is the most dedicated sewing machine fancier I've ever come across!

Now here's a totally unrelated question. Would you like to give or receive a Betty Jo card...with some cute lino critters or "thrift shop kitsch" pictures on them?
I'm thinking they might go nicely with a piece of jewellery as a gift. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Yes to the cards. Yes, yes, yes. As for sewing machines, I have no idea. It's a common question and I'm sure someone will have an answer for you.

    Isn't that tattoo incredible?

  2. The little purse is absolutely adorable!

  3. Wow...that tatoo...that's some serious sewing machine love!

    I only know that I own a 22 year old Pfaff...and it is still going strong. I've only ever had one repair and it was the foot pedal. I hope it keeps going another 22 years!

  4. My sister and I share machines, the one over at my place is a Janome Memory Craft 3000 that we both love - so much that when we realised one machine wasn't enough for both of us, we went out and bought a Janome Decor Computer 3018 which is about 8 years newer module wise, but very similar to our other one. We picked it up cheap at Harris Scarf a month ago.

  5. i've had the same Janome machine for the last 20's a very basic model but it has survived 5 moves and has never has a service or anything!!! done to it...i am so slack when it comes to things like cost around $299- back then but it does the job...i think i would really like a overlocker but i don't know if it would stand up to my neglect...

  6. I don't have an actual machine recommendation for you, but if you are going to have your daughter learn on it then I would probably recommend getting a machine that has a speed setting on it. My sister's does this, and it was great when she was learning. She just set it to 'slow' and it stopped her from going to fast and making mistakes (and doing heaps of unpicking!!!).

    I think the cards are a great idea - pics of your lino critters would make great cards I reckon.

    Oh, and that knicker making kit is on my Christmas wish list also...hope Santa comes through with the goods!!!


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