Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who won the Goodies????

It was an interesting task asking people to reminisce about their first Crafty project. There was everything from knitting and weaving, designing clothes and dream homes for Barbies, painting canvasses to rival Liechtenstein, and successful and not so successful sewing projects in high school. As I didn't have Barbie dolls as a girl, I'm wondering if that could be the "missing link" in my crafting life. I made up for it with my daughter even though I wasn't too keen on Barbies. She partook in hours of creative play with those dolls. Now she loves the "Big Girls" doll, Blythe, and spends just as much time sewing and styling outfits and organizing photo shoots. Like this pic. featuring Blythe wearing her Lily made Pompom dress in the doily tree.
Anyway... the winner of Betty Jo's Giveaway is comment no. 28- Thornberry. Congrats, and happy creating. If you look on Lara's blog you'll know she is already a crafting superstar.
But wait, because I got some more pretty aprons in the op shop haul, and there is one more flying duck brooch (although three would have been more authentic),I am giving a runner up prize to comment no. 20 - Michelle from The Royal Sisters. I'm sure her 80's lime green terry towelling pants were so uncool they would have come the full circle back into coolsville.
And don't forget about The Rooftop Market , this Friday at the top of Curtain House- 252 Swanston St. Melbourne. Ambiguous Horse will be having a stall featuring all their designers... and Betty Jo Designs just happens to be one of them!!! I'll be there having a squizz.. you may recognize me as the girl with the big grin, looking pleased about Barack Obama's WIN!!!Wooo


  1. Squeal! Squeal again! Oh my goodness, I am so incredibly lucky to have won this - thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Yay!
    and the Blythe photo is gorgeous!

  3. OMG so excited and more that great prizes...the aprons are in my favorite colours...
    now i can't even speak about how lucky i am to score a flying duck brooch as the whole flying duck thing has so much sentimental meaning to me it's insane...
    it's going to be worn ALL the TIME...
    p.s love the blythe doll...i was not so luck to have barbies when i was young...i was allowed to have a wonder woman...and as a result little miss has barbies all over the to have a blythe that looks like Amelie...

  4. My daughters like yours, are always into my material stash looking for fabric to make outfits for their dolls. The doily tree is fantastic!


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