Sunday, December 21, 2008

Watching the Clock

At the moment my head is full of ideas for clocks.....I have lost count of how many brooches and pendants I have made this year, but it is seriously close to 2,000. Can that be right?
So I'm looking forward to wielding my power saw, and fashioning all kinds of clocks for the Hudson window installation.I have a pic of this cuckoo clock in my side bar with a link to some Betty Jo clocks on Flickr.
I am happy to take custom orders, and for the people that have made inquiries, the clocks range from $150- $250.
This clock also makes an appearance on this interesting blog-Art for Housewives. It's bit tricky to work out all the links on this blog , but go and try, you'll be there for ages!


  1. Liz, hope yr business continues to flourish, my mum loved her Hamish. Hope you have a great family christmas

  2. I love your clocks so much. It's one of the things on my wishlist for my studio reno next year.

    2000 brooches is just amazing. What a great achievement.

  3. OMG That's a serious number of brooches you have made!
    I keep meaning to look out for your creations in Bangalow... I'll look out for them next time I'm up that way and maybe I'll slip them a teeny mango daquiri... just because it's Chrsitmas ;)

  4. great work...
    you really need to put your feet up and have a christmas break but if your like the rest of us(and i'm sure you are) it's times like this that you get the most inspired...

  5. Oh my! I love your clocks... they are just so beautiful. What an incredible year you have had in 2008. How lovely to now be in 2009, with so many possibilities!

    Thankyou for your lovely blogging in 2008, it has been such a pleasure visiting xo


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