Friday, January 30, 2009


This is my Snowman. I have named him Robbie. He is staying as cool as cucumber in our third day of "The Heatwave".
He is named after my friend and scruffy hat wearing Rob Snarski, the super cool crooner who has a voice that can make you swoon. I was lucky enough to see him sing at "The Triffids and Friends" at The Arts Centre last night and his version of David McComb's song "This One Eats Souls" gave me Shivers !
A very cool way to spend a HOT Melbourne evening.


  1. Now that is cool. Icy cool and refreshing. Just the thing.

  2. Mum has found you some old lino at "the shack", I'll have it next weekend, can you email your postal address, which I seem to have misplaced. I hope you are surviving the heat, its killing us here and we're 10 degrees cooler than you.

  3. adorable :)
    Wow, look at that last comment - more lino coming your way! How exciting :)
    I am alwatys looking for it, for you, but no luck so far...

  4. If I could have I would have crawled into the freezer with him...and stayed there.

  5. sending as many cool thoughts as possible...i've been watching the news and it sounds so horrid with the heat and now i see more bushfires...
    stay cool...


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