Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Signs.

Sunday was a doing stuff day for the Betty Jo clan.
The boys went to celebrate the re-opening of the Coburg Pool. We have spent many summers at this great "old school" pool until the council shut it 2 years ago. I even felt the first twinges of labour swimming there one hot February evening in 03. So here's a big heads up to the local residents who lobbied hard to have it re-opened. It even has it's own Flickr site.Sign in female changing rooms at Coburg pool.

Meanwhile, I was partaking in afternoon tea with four lovely blogging chicks. Putting faces to names and having crepes no less!

Then it was off to the Corner Hotel to pay tribute to Linda Geber, who passed away last year just ten days after having her second little girl. The Melbourne music fraternity all came together and put on a great and moving evening. Money raised will give her daughters a good start without their mum.
On the way home we spotted this sign in the back streets of Richmond. Charlie chose this game from a pile of stuff. Talk about reliving some childhood memories.


  1. Ker Plunk is a fab game...even the box is pretty!

  2. Yes those crepes were fab. Lovely to meet you in person as well.
    Nice Kerplunk too, ahh the memories fo youth.

  3. i had a ker plunk...
    great your get together was so nice...
    love the sign...

  4. Love hearing and reading about people returning to the pool! I'm one of the campaigners and I have to say, we get a warm feeling every time we see it being so well used...


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