Sunday, January 25, 2009

Too good to Waste

I love finding other designers that see the artistic potential in mundane , everyday items.
These badges are made from the inside of envelopes. I have noticed the various patterns in the past and wondered why they were there , but milomade has actually collected them and put them to good use.I found these via Twinklyspangles blog. Thanks for mentioning Betty Jo Designs too Twinklyspangle.
There seems to be a huge number of Flickr groups dedicated to Recycled creations, but the newest one I've joined is called "A arte em reciclar" or the English version "The art on recycling"So far I have only come across one other jewellery designer using recycled linoleum in their work.That was a few years ago at Cambewell Market. But the World is big and I'm sure there are others.
Edit- Thanks to Renae, I have found another designer who uses the security patterns on envelopes. Ugly Kitty's pendants are very cool. There is always someone across the globe with a similar idea!


  1. The badges are cool! I love the security patterns in envelopes.
    UglyKitty makes lovely pendants with them:

  2. Yummy badges. Funny, I have collected a heap of envelopes ... because of their patterns inside, but haven't used them yet. Must do!
    Have to look up that flickr group... sounds good.

  3. wow who would have thought...envelopes...
    they do look pretty cool thou...


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