Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Twins and Memories

"Tock" needed a twin for another customer who fancied his colour scheme.
Due to various constraints- ie. lino supply and doily availability , a NON identical twin was made.
So meet "Tuck". If Tock was the the "rebellious son"( as suggested by Michelle) then Tuck is the better behaved brother of the family who loves his Mum!
Memory Drawer
I was having a sticky over at Modish this morning and there was Betty Jo's Memory Drawer in a little feature about "Handmade Spaces:Curious Collectors". Right under Dainty Squids very cool studio shot with that lovely owl clock and Polaroid niceness.


  1. I've been searching for one of those lovely old printers drawers for ever. I always get outbid on Ebay when they go sky high.
    Yours is fabulous!

  2. Oh that looks fabo. I too would like one of those drawers... what a great collection you have going on there.


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