Monday, March 16, 2009

The Show,Crafty Models and Loot!

WOW! What a Craftalicious five days we have had. I am still coming down from the high of the Stitches and Craft Show, but some of the highlights for me were....
*Meeting the most clever and gorgeous bloggers and creaters and being so totally taken with their friendliness and down-to-earthness. Incubator (or the "Left of Centre" section as it was described by someones Mum) was bursting at the seams with amazing creative people and I loved getting to know them all.Here are just a few of them I could catch.
All sporting Betty Jo.

* The supportiveness of everyone that came to the Betty Jo stand, and especially those who chose a brooch , pendant or clock to love for their very own. You know who you are.
* The blogger dinner organised by Sooze. Great fun. She has some good pics on her blog!
* Viewing the "Handmade Nation" doco...this film could easily be a defining moment in Betty Jo consciousness! So relevant and galvanizing of all my thoughts and aspirations.
*And the best bit...Unpacking all my loot, either swapped or purchased from the talented array of crafters in the Incubator.

Body Parts Armies and Scarf

RicRac Zipper mouth dolly (named Francis by Charlie)
and a Twiglet Lion softie (chosen by Lily for a B'day pressie for moi) Still to be named.

Nicole M purse on hand printed Textile Allsorts tights,
and a Kristen Doran printed fabric panel, that I think needs to be stretched and hung on the wall and not messed up in any way (such as me sewing with it!)

Lily chose this fabric in a pack from One Red Robin and is now debating how to transform it. Luckily she is taking "Fashion" at school so some solid sewing guidance can be sought!


  1. You are not going to believe this Liz, but I think I have to have another one of your brooches. The owl that I bought from you on the last day keeps looking at me with those bigs eyes saying 'please wear me'! I am going to have to, which means that I need another for my sister in law in the states!! Look what you have done to me!!!! I will be in touch soon!

  2. wow amazing loot you have there...lucky you, meeting so many bloggers...really wish i lived closer i should line up a holiday down there next year...thanks for the cuteable info...still in shock...

  3. My mum was quite chuffed to hear she was mentioned in your blog. :)

    I was wondering if you had a webstore I could browse til pay day comes along?

    Are any of your goodies in 'Meet Me At Mikes' in Bridge Rd, Richmond??

    Keep up the cute work!!

    Kate :)

  4. Sure Cathy, I put the "keep the present for yourself "spell on that owl!
    Hey Michelle, You must come and visit, and your Cookie girl is Cuteable!
    Kate, look on Georgie Love. If your in Fitzroy, Scally and Trombone is the place to go for Betty Jo.

  5. I've been wearing my gorgeous paint pallette Betty Jo and LOVING IT! It was lovely to meet you, too. Popping you in Bloglines NOW!

    Fabulous load of craftiness you brought home...

  6. The incubator section was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the show. As a visitor it was fab to see all your wares in all their glory. Just gorgeous!

  7. Lovely clocks. I like your style.


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